For a New International MLM Media !

Dear comrades,

The (very) recent announcement of the end of SignalFire is a hard news for the maoist movement.

For years, it was a good media to inform us about and propagate the advancements of people’s war going on in the world, and a powerful propaganda tool.

I think we should start to seriously think about building a new website. I have thought of few principles on which we could build this brand new “signalfire”

1. Demarcation line : armed struggle. All maoist don’t agree on the question on universality of PPW, but I think we all agree on the necessity of armed struggle.
The news and articles we would post would be those from MLM, MLMZT and ML movement waging or having the strategy to wage an armed struggle to grasp the power.

2. Not made by people from one organization, but by a team composed of people from different countries, speaking different languages, and of different ideology.

3. Multilingual website. Let us not limit to only english.
We can easily use some plugins in wordpress to make it easy to implement
(you can check how i made it on NT, for exemple, with this article which is translated in 7 different languages : )

4. A nice library. To upload our literature in a nice place free of any trotskyism or other counter-revolutionary ideologies.

If people are interested to work on it, I invite you to contact me on : or on facebook : Christophe Kistler.

Enjoy 😉