And now what ?

So, we published 3 books. The stock are slowly slowly going down (from 300, it’s now 207 after some 2 weeks i guess :)). So what should we do now ?

Except the 2nd volume of PCP Collected Works who will be released for Christmas, i am also working on 2 other books : Against Avakianism of Ajith and Post-modernism Today of Siraj. Both will be released in january 2017 in 50 exemplaries (with eventually a second printing) and would be sold together for 12 euro (for a price of production of 10).

Also, in french : i am still working on Philippine Society and Revolution of Joma, there is a small problem currently with the correction but it should be shortly fixed 🙂 I also talked recently with a comrade from a well-known ML publishing house in France who might want to publish it … That would be really cool actually 😀 A small birdy told me also that some people are working on MLM Basic Course in french. That’s really cool, this book is great and im glad to hear from comrades in a lot of different countries (Sweden, Germany, Spain, etc…) that translations are about to be made !

Hmm, in my free time i’m working on translating some stuff of José Rizal to french. He was an anti-colonialist from Philippines, and he wrote very beautiful litterature 😉

PS : Aha, some stuff of JMP, but it’s still secret, so let’s keep it between you and me 😛