Mao Mate!

I love Berlin. This is one of the few cities where I feel like home. Nice comrades, militant demonstrations, always interesting ideological discussions around a bottle of Club Maté.

Don’t you know this drink? It’s very popular in Germany and in the hacker scene. Currently, there are tens of copycats of Club Mate (my favorite one being “Mio Mate”, if you got the opportunity to try it, take the one with banana). I trully don’t know how to describe the taste, but let’s say it’s like ice tea with bubbles, and with a lot of coffeine.

And this is something I really enjoy in Berlin, it’s that we can spend a nice evening with comrades, without drinking a single glass of beer, just because we got this awesome drink.

So, here is the plan : as it’s hard/expensive to import mate to Netherlands, I will try to produce it with some comrades. We basically need :

☭ Yerba Mate (of peruvian origin would be the best :D)
☭ Water
☭ Brown Sugar
☭ Citric Acid
☭ Coffeine

And as equipement 2 casseroles and a machine to make bubbles (it must have a more scientific name).

Then, to make the botteling, we will need labels (which costs around 50 euro for 300, so 15 cents per bottle) + caps (around 5 cents per bottle).

In total, I guess the price of a bottle would be of 0,50 cents. Possibly a bit more in the beginning (but not more than 1 euro) because of the investment I will have to do.

The name of the drink will be “Mao Mate“.

For the moment, the drink will be available in Utrecht, but depending on if I find a cheap way to export it, we might send also in other European countries 🙂

Long live Mao Mate!