Fundraising for translations of MLM works!

Hello comrades,

After almost 1 year of publishing (or republishing) MLM books, I’m happy to announce that:

– 12 different books were printed (and one was reprinted 3 times, while another 2 were reprinted 2 times).
– So far, around 1400 books were already spread around the world (on a bit more than 1600 book printed)
– Books were sent to close to 20 different countries

The next step of the project would be now to make it more accessible to people. How? First, by starting a project of recording of the books to produce audiobooks of a good quality, that would be accessible for free on youtube. Second, by finding people to translate the works into several foreign languages (which might or not include spanish, german, french, italian, …)

But this last work is a huge one: if we want a good and fast quality of translation, it requires to spend some money to finance comrades who could spend a consequent part of their time to work on the translations.

This project being non-profit, we are currently in need of cash. You can, by taking part to this fundraising, become part of an awesome project that will make accesible to even more people the great works of MLM.

Thank you!