On the criticism by VND-Peru

Recently the blog VND-Peru published an article criticizing comrades from Jugendwiderstand, as well as Redspark and directly attacking me (http://vnd-peru.blogspot.nl/2017/07/sobre-las-actividades-de-los.html). As the criticism was made publicly, my answer will also be public.

I will leave it to the Jugendwiderstand comrades to answer the first 3 points, which, in my humble opinion, do not represent the reality of their ideological standpoint or practice. But I feel the need to clarify some things that were said about Redspark and me.

Here is the part of the article that talks about me :

4. Redspark is a website, which is run by an individual who is employed by Jose Maria Sison.

This person was excluded from the French comrades’ process of unity, then moved to Turkey and other countries of Europe and posed as a member of the Party in France.

This forced the French colleagues to travel twice to Turkey to clarify this issue.

This means that RedSpark is a project that is run by a man who was expelled from the French Maoists and is now professionally working for Jose Maria Sison.

I will reply here, sentence-by-sentence, to what was stated:

1. It’s no secret that I’m working for the Prof. Joma Sison as a translator, but also as part of ILPS, and I am indeed coordinating Redspark. This information is public and can be found on my Facebook profile.

But to say that the website is run just by me is simply false and will surely sound funny (or maybe offensive) to the dozens of people who have contributed to it (would it be by translating content, sending articles, working on the website’s technical aspects, contribution to the tiny library of classics and films that we try to build up, etc.). A simply look on the website will show that there are articles in 10 different languages – how could a single man be doing all this translation work?

On my role as a coordinator: my daily routine is to check what comrades have sent by e-mail or Facebook and upload it if the information is good and from a trusted source. I also contact people to ask them for translations of the articles if it’s relevant. My work is little compared to the people doing the translation and research who are actually the ones who really run Redspark.

2. I’m very proud of the small contribution that I made to the unification process of the Maoists in France. I will never regret having been part of PCmF and all of the demonstrations and mass work we developed in those years in Paris (and other cities). When I moved to Turkey, I was still a part of the PCmF. A few months later, I left the Party (and was not “expelled”), due to fact that I was simply not able at that moment to assume the responsibilities of a member in a cadre Party. Also I was not planning to return to France, choosing instead to find a way to be useful to the Revolution in Turkey.

This situation might have caused some confusion: some people knew me as part of the PCmF and might not have been informed of the change in my situation at that time.

Another part of the confusion could come from the fact that I’m very passionate when talking about the revolutionary situation in France, and when I’m talking about the PCmF (or now, PCM), because I strongly believe that this Party is the only one in France carrying a revolutionary line. Some people might mistakenly perceive that as me being part of this Party. So to be clear: I was part of the Party, but have not been for around 3 years now. I am and will continue to support them, and if they need help, I will be more than glad to help them.

3. To say that PCM comrades had to go to Turkey twice to “clarify this issue” is also false. It’s funny to think that I would be so important as to force our comrades to do two round-trips of 5000km to explain that ‘no, Kistler is not part of PCmF anymore’. The comrades who visited Turkey in 2015 did so to support comrades after the Massacre of Suruc – this is also not a secret, as there were articles posted about it in some revolutionary Turkish media (one of these article was translated for Nouvelle Turquie: http://www.nouvelleturquie.com/en/internationalism/the-french-maoists-conducted-an-interview-with-dhf/).

4. in light of what I said I would reformulate this sentence: “This means that Redspark is a project that is run by dozens of comrades in different parts of the world, and coordinated by Christophe Kistler, who was part of PCmF some 3 years ago, left it a few months after moving to Turkey, and who is currently working as a translator for Jose Maria Sison.”

As a final note, I would like to add that I strongly object to having my life exposed on a blog by someone I don’t know, and who apparently knows me only through some gossip from the Maoist scene in Europe. This kind of behavior is not only an example of “speaking without investigation” but is also dangerous for my security. I’m more than open to have a meeting with you if you want to discuss or clarify any question you might have about Redspark, or me.

Red Salute,
C. Kistler