On the Arrest of Ekrem Deniz

Update 7th September – There is right now a facebook page ==> https://www.facebook.com/FreeEkremDeniz/

Update 19:09 (GMT): Deniz was sentenced for jail. No more informations for the moment, but i will update more this article when I will get some more info from the lawyer.

On September 5, my friend and comrade Ekrem Deniz was arrested in the Ataturk Airport after arriving from the Netherlands. As of now, there is still a lot of question marks about the exact reason of his arrest, the conditions under which he’s being held, and what will happen next. As a lot of people have written to me asking questions about his situation, I will try to summarize what we actually know currently.

1) Who is Ekrem Deniz?

Ekrem is a Dutch-Turkish citizen, who is currently the owner of a small restaurant in Dordrecht (Netherlands). He is also an activist, struggling against human rights violations and for the dignity of oppressed peoples’ in Turkey and in the world.

2) What is Deniz accused of?

As far as we know, the accusation against Deniz is for “spreading terrorist propaganda“. The Turkish fascist state regularly uses this kind of accusation to put “undesirable” people in prison. Being stopped and searched while in possession of a leftist organization’s leaflet can be the basis of such accusations. Singing a song about “freedom” and “liberty” can be the basis of such accusations. Having a book of Marx in your house can be the basis of such accusations.

3) What are the risks?

Currently, Deniz is waiting to see a judge who will detail the charges against him. Then, depending on that, he will either be released without any charges against him (a more optimistic scenario), detained to wait for another court date (a more realistic scenario), or put in jail for many years (a more pesimistic scenario).

4) What are the conditions of Deniz’s detention?

Deniz was detained in a police station, where he spent the night. His phone was not seized, so he was able to call his family and communicate with his friends. From this afternoon, Deniz has not respond to any SMS, which means his phone was taken, he ran out of batteries, or he is in the court right now. Up until his last communcation, Deniz had not tortured during his detention.

5) Does Deniz have a lawyer?

As far as we know, he does not have one so far. Çağdaş Hukukçular, an association of pro-people lawyers, was contacted to find him a lawyer.

6) Should we mobilize for solidarity actions?

Until this first court date, we should not mobilize nor write statements of solidarity, but we have to be ready in case things go badly. I will keep you informed via my posts on my Facebook profile.

Last picture of Deniz taken in his cell