On the Arrest of Ekrem Deniz

Update 7th September – There is right now a facebook page ==> https://www.facebook.com/FreeEkremDeniz/

Update 19:09 (GMT): Deniz was sentenced for jail. No more informations for the moment, but i will update more this article when I will get some more info from the lawyer.

On September 5, my friend and comrade Ekrem Deniz was arrested in the Ataturk Airport after arriving from the Netherlands. As of now, there is still a lot of question marks about the exact reason of his arrest, the conditions under which he’s being held, and what will happen next. As a lot of people have written to me asking questions about his situation, I will try to summarize what we actually know currently.

1) Who is Ekrem Deniz?

Ekrem is a Dutch-Turkish citizen, who is currently the owner of a small restaurant in Dordrecht (Netherlands). He is also an activist, struggling against human rights violations and for the dignity of oppressed peoples’ in Turkey and in the world.

2) What is Deniz accused of?

As far as we know, the accusation against Deniz is for “spreading terrorist propaganda“. The Turkish fascist state regularly uses this kind of accusation to put “undesirable” people in prison. Being stopped and searched while in possession of a leftist organization’s leaflet can be the basis of such accusations. Singing a song about “freedom” and “liberty” can be the basis of such accusations. Having a book of Marx in your house can be the basis of such accusations.

3) What are the risks?

Currently, Deniz is waiting to see a judge who will detail the charges against him. Then, depending on that, he will either be released without any charges against him (a more optimistic scenario), detained to wait for another court date (a more realistic scenario), or put in jail for many years (a more pesimistic scenario).

4) What are the conditions of Deniz’s detention?

Deniz was detained in a police station, where he spent the night. His phone was not seized, so he was able to call his family and communicate with his friends. From this afternoon, Deniz has not respond to any SMS, which means his phone was taken, he ran out of batteries, or he is in the court right now. Up until his last communcation, Deniz had not tortured during his detention.

5) Does Deniz have a lawyer?

As far as we know, he does not have one so far. Çağdaş Hukukçular, an association of pro-people lawyers, was contacted to find him a lawyer.

6) Should we mobilize for solidarity actions?

Until this first court date, we should not mobilize nor write statements of solidarity, but we have to be ready in case things go badly. I will keep you informed via my posts on my Facebook profile.

Last picture of Deniz taken in his cell

On the criticism by VND-Peru

Recently the blog VND-Peru published an article criticizing comrades from Jugendwiderstand, as well as Redspark and directly attacking me (http://vnd-peru.blogspot.nl/2017/07/sobre-las-actividades-de-los.html). As the criticism was made publicly, my answer will also be public.

I will leave it to the Jugendwiderstand comrades to answer the first 3 points, which, in my humble opinion, do not represent the reality of their ideological standpoint or practice. But I feel the need to clarify some things that were said about Redspark and me.

Here is the part of the article that talks about me :

4. Redspark is a website, which is run by an individual who is employed by Jose Maria Sison.

This person was excluded from the French comrades’ process of unity, then moved to Turkey and other countries of Europe and posed as a member of the Party in France.

This forced the French colleagues to travel twice to Turkey to clarify this issue.

This means that RedSpark is a project that is run by a man who was expelled from the French Maoists and is now professionally working for Jose Maria Sison.

I will reply here, sentence-by-sentence, to what was stated:

1. It’s no secret that I’m working for the Prof. Joma Sison as a translator, but also as part of ILPS, and I am indeed coordinating Redspark. This information is public and can be found on my Facebook profile.

But to say that the website is run just by me is simply false and will surely sound funny (or maybe offensive) to the dozens of people who have contributed to it (would it be by translating content, sending articles, working on the website’s technical aspects, contribution to the tiny library of classics and films that we try to build up, etc.). A simply look on the website will show that there are articles in 10 different languages – how could a single man be doing all this translation work?

On my role as a coordinator: my daily routine is to check what comrades have sent by e-mail or Facebook and upload it if the information is good and from a trusted source. I also contact people to ask them for translations of the articles if it’s relevant. My work is little compared to the people doing the translation and research who are actually the ones who really run Redspark.

2. I’m very proud of the small contribution that I made to the unification process of the Maoists in France. I will never regret having been part of PCmF and all of the demonstrations and mass work we developed in those years in Paris (and other cities). When I moved to Turkey, I was still a part of the PCmF. A few months later, I left the Party (and was not “expelled”), due to fact that I was simply not able at that moment to assume the responsibilities of a member in a cadre Party. Also I was not planning to return to France, choosing instead to find a way to be useful to the Revolution in Turkey.

This situation might have caused some confusion: some people knew me as part of the PCmF and might not have been informed of the change in my situation at that time.

Another part of the confusion could come from the fact that I’m very passionate when talking about the revolutionary situation in France, and when I’m talking about the PCmF (or now, PCM), because I strongly believe that this Party is the only one in France carrying a revolutionary line. Some people might mistakenly perceive that as me being part of this Party. So to be clear: I was part of the Party, but have not been for around 3 years now. I am and will continue to support them, and if they need help, I will be more than glad to help them.

3. To say that PCM comrades had to go to Turkey twice to “clarify this issue” is also false. It’s funny to think that I would be so important as to force our comrades to do two round-trips of 5000km to explain that ‘no, Kistler is not part of PCmF anymore’. The comrades who visited Turkey in 2015 did so to support comrades after the Massacre of Suruc – this is also not a secret, as there were articles posted about it in some revolutionary Turkish media (one of these article was translated for Nouvelle Turquie: http://www.nouvelleturquie.com/en/internationalism/the-french-maoists-conducted-an-interview-with-dhf/).

4. in light of what I said I would reformulate this sentence: “This means that Redspark is a project that is run by dozens of comrades in different parts of the world, and coordinated by Christophe Kistler, who was part of PCmF some 3 years ago, left it a few months after moving to Turkey, and who is currently working as a translator for Jose Maria Sison.”

As a final note, I would like to add that I strongly object to having my life exposed on a blog by someone I don’t know, and who apparently knows me only through some gossip from the Maoist scene in Europe. This kind of behavior is not only an example of “speaking without investigation” but is also dangerous for my security. I’m more than open to have a meeting with you if you want to discuss or clarify any question you might have about Redspark, or me.

Red Salute,
C. Kistler

Fundraising for translations of MLM works!

Hello comrades,

After almost 1 year of publishing (or republishing) MLM books, I’m happy to announce that:

– 12 different books were printed (and one was reprinted 3 times, while another 2 were reprinted 2 times).
– So far, around 1400 books were already spread around the world (on a bit more than 1600 book printed)
– Books were sent to close to 20 different countries

The next step of the project would be now to make it more accessible to people. How? First, by starting a project of recording of the books to produce audiobooks of a good quality, that would be accessible for free on youtube. Second, by finding people to translate the works into several foreign languages (which might or not include spanish, german, french, italian, …)

But this last work is a huge one: if we want a good and fast quality of translation, it requires to spend some money to finance comrades who could spend a consequent part of their time to work on the translations.

This project being non-profit, we are currently in need of cash. You can, by taking part to this fundraising, become part of an awesome project that will make accesible to even more people the great works of MLM.

Thank you!


Traduction de “La Société Philippine et la Révolution” de José Maria Sison

Voilà une traduction que sur laquelle j’ai commencé à bosser l’année dernière.

La traduction est finie, mais seule une partie du texte a été corrigé. Je souhaiterais finalement terminer ce truc et le faire publier car ça me fait vraiment mal de voir un travail aussi gros (c’était quand même 200 pages!) prendre la poussière.

Je posterai petit à petit les chapitres sur ce site (pour le moment, chapitre 1). Si quelqu’un souhaite m’aider à corriger les diverses erreurs, il/elle sera plus que bienvenue 🙂

Lien ==> La Société Philippine et la Révolution <==

Mao Mate!

I love Berlin. This is one of the few cities where I feel like home. Nice comrades, militant demonstrations, always interesting ideological discussions around a bottle of Club Maté.

Don’t you know this drink? It’s very popular in Germany and in the hacker scene. Currently, there are tens of copycats of Club Mate (my favorite one being “Mio Mate”, if you got the opportunity to try it, take the one with banana). I trully don’t know how to describe the taste, but let’s say it’s like ice tea with bubbles, and with a lot of coffeine.

And this is something I really enjoy in Berlin, it’s that we can spend a nice evening with comrades, without drinking a single glass of beer, just because we got this awesome drink.

So, here is the plan : as it’s hard/expensive to import mate to Netherlands, I will try to produce it with some comrades. We basically need :

☭ Yerba Mate (of peruvian origin would be the best :D)
☭ Water
☭ Brown Sugar
☭ Citric Acid
☭ Coffeine

And as equipement 2 casseroles and a machine to make bubbles (it must have a more scientific name).

Then, to make the botteling, we will need labels (which costs around 50 euro for 300, so 15 cents per bottle) + caps (around 5 cents per bottle).

In total, I guess the price of a bottle would be of 0,50 cents. Possibly a bit more in the beginning (but not more than 1 euro) because of the investment I will have to do.

The name of the drink will be “Mao Mate“.

For the moment, the drink will be available in Utrecht, but depending on if I find a cheap way to export it, we might send also in other European countries 🙂

Long live Mao Mate!

Few words about Poland …

In 1772, in Poland began what we call the “rozbiory” – that is, a division of its land between its three neighbours: Russia, Prussia and Austria. In 1795, Poland completely disappeared from the worldmap. It is a period that is called the “123 Years of Slavery”, where the Polish people were literally reduced to serving the foreign powers that have absorbed it.

It was only in 1918, after the First World War, that it obtained a puppet independence. Pilsudcki will be at the head of this 2nd Republic, and while presenting himself as being a socialist, will prove in his practice to be a capitalist in the service of foreign power like France. At the beginning of the second world war, Poland was invaded. Between 1939 and 1944 Poland was under Nazi occupation. In 1944, the Communists liberated Poland, hand in hand with the Red Army, and the Republic of Poland was founded (then it became the People’s Republic of Poland in 1952).

At its head, Boleslaw Bierut, was a real hero of the people who made Poland to rebuild itself in few years and paved the way for socialism. Unfortunately, his strong Marxist-Leninist convictions made him a threat for Khruschev’s plans on Eastern Europe, and shortly after he pronounced his “secret speech” to which Mao Zedong, Enver Hoxha and Boleslaw Bierut strongly opposed, he made Bierut killed (poisoned). In his place was put a puppet of Russian social-imperialism, Gomulka, who established capitalism in Poland. In 1989, happenned the so-called “liberation of Poland” that was actually a last blow to the semblance of “socialism” that was in Poland. The strong import of foreign products and the still more rapacious development of capitalism ruined our national industry, and condemned Poland to become a country dependent on imports and oriented towards export. 27 years later, it is still the same thing.

In fact, over the past 224 years, Poland has only known 12 years when its leaders were really working in the interest of the Polish people. It is not surprising that today 33% of our population lives outside Poland (20 million out of a total of 58.5 million Poles) – this is a consequence of our tragic history.

I think that today all Poles must not only say that they are patriots (to have a strong sense of love for their culture, language, traditions and history), but that they are nationalists : that they struggle to free Poland from the imperialism and bureaucratic capitalism.

Long live Poland, long live Communism, long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Memorias de Un Estudiante de Manila – Chapter 1 !

I’m happy to have found time to start translation of José Rizal diary called “Memorias de Un Estudiante de Manila to french ! I will try to update it regularly with new chapters.

To read it ===> Follow this link <===

Why translating this work ? For 2 reasons : First, the only works of Rizal that we have in French are Noli and Fili, so I’m happy to use my skills in french (helping myself with the spanish original text) to contribute to translate a bit more of the huge works of Rizal to France. Secondly, i choose especially this work of Rizal (among so many other great works) because it tells the youth of Rizal and shows how, despite his youthfulness, he was a smart and exceptionnal individual.

I wish to translate more of his works after this one. Maybe also publish them.

I dedicate my translation to the Order of the Knights of Rizal and to the France Area Commander, Sir Jessie Sharif Umali, KCR.


And now what ?

So, we published 3 books. The stock are slowly slowly going down (from 300, it’s now 207 after some 2 weeks i guess :)). So what should we do now ?

Except the 2nd volume of PCP Collected Works who will be released for Christmas, i am also working on 2 other books : Against Avakianism of Ajith and Post-modernism Today of Siraj. Both will be released in january 2017 in 50 exemplaries (with eventually a second printing) and would be sold together for 12 euro (for a price of production of 10).

Also, in french : i am still working on Philippine Society and Revolution of Joma, there is a small problem currently with the correction but it should be shortly fixed 🙂 I also talked recently with a comrade from a well-known ML publishing house in France who might want to publish it … That would be really cool actually 😀 A small birdy told me also that some people are working on MLM Basic Course in french. That’s really cool, this book is great and im glad to hear from comrades in a lot of different countries (Sweden, Germany, Spain, etc…) that translations are about to be made !

Hmm, in my free time i’m working on translating some stuff of José Rizal to french. He was an anti-colonialist from Philippines, and he wrote very beautiful litterature 😉

PS : Aha, some stuff of JMP, but it’s still secret, so let’s keep it between you and me 😛

24 hours after …

I’m very happy to see how many people wrote to me after my yesterday’s post. Because of the enthusiasm of comrades from America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we were able to come to a decision of a design, categories and we made a beta version already including 6 languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Swedish
  • Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian)

Our next step is to decide what will be our name and logo. After that, the next step will be to get a domain name and to start publishing content. ?

We are still looking for people to work on other languages for the website! If you have some language skills that you want to maximize, this project can be a really good place for that!

We need serious and dedicated people. This won’t require much of your time and effort, except at start, but still, it is a serious project, with a long term goal.

You can already look on our sandbox to see how the project advance : http://sandbox.kistler.red/signalfire/

It’s published 😀 🙂 http://www.redspark.nu/en/

Lal salaam!

For a New International MLM Media !

Dear comrades,

The (very) recent announcement of the end of SignalFire is a hard news for the maoist movement.

For years, it was a good media to inform us about and propagate the advancements of people’s war going on in the world, and a powerful propaganda tool.

I think we should start to seriously think about building a new website. I have thought of few principles on which we could build this brand new “signalfire”

1. Demarcation line : armed struggle. All maoist don’t agree on the question on universality of PPW, but I think we all agree on the necessity of armed struggle.
The news and articles we would post would be those from MLM, MLMZT and ML movement waging or having the strategy to wage an armed struggle to grasp the power.

2. Not made by people from one organization, but by a team composed of people from different countries, speaking different languages, and of different ideology.

3. Multilingual website. Let us not limit to only english.
We can easily use some plugins in wordpress to make it easy to implement
(you can check how i made it on NT, for exemple, with this article which is translated in 7 different languages : http://www.nouvelleturquie.com/en/guerilla-en/pulur-3-tikko-fighters-have-been-martyred/ )

4. A nice library. To upload our literature in a nice place free of any trotskyism or other counter-revolutionary ideologies.

If people are interested to work on it, I invite you to contact me on : chris@kistler.red or on facebook : Christophe Kistler.

Enjoy 😉